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Our most recent exploration into the world of office supplies dives into understanding the complexities of relationships and examines gender stereotypes. Together we walk along the tightrope of interpersonal communication and hopefully find some reasons to take an opportunity to laugh at ourselves and the silly things that we do and say. We hope you enjoy our latest attempts at self awareness.  

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Character Spotlight : Orange Crayon

What on Earth is a crayon doing on the desktop? This poor guy seems a bit out of place.

Orange, is a crayon that was inadvertently left behind during a “bring your child to work day". Being a bit of an outsider, he struggles to be accepted by those around him. He frequently overcompensates for his insecurity by lashing out at those around him in an attempt to prove that he is superior.

Orange often sees things with a clarity that eludes the other desktop characters and he cannot resist pointing out their mistakes. As a result, he has had some difficulty making friends. However, as with most places, there are always a few kindred spirits and he can be found regularly socializing with Chewey and the other desktop misfits.

Orange represents the voice of reason and common sense, while highlighting the importance of humility over self-importance. His relationship with Chewey illustrates the value of friendship and the struggle of finding a place in a diverse society after childhood.