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Comic of the Month

OFFICE SURPRISE proudly presents our latest video: 
Christmas Bites version 2

Check out our YouTube channel!

  What's up at OS?

Our first cartoon

Now that we finished our Christmas video we have started work on our first cartoon. 

More details to follow soon!


Latest Office Surprises

12/14/2011: Website Revised
Office Surprise has moved to its new home at GoDaddy. Look for more changes soon!

11/9/2009: Christmas Bites video

After working on it all summer it's finally done! Experience the Office Surprise cast in a brand new Christmas video featuring a rarely heard song by a garage band from Rhode Island: Replacement Harry & the Losers' Club.

A word from Blue

Ok...You may have noticed that I'm a blue pen. My name is Blue. 

I have lots of friends; you probably know some of them. Many of them are named Blue too. 

I was created on January 2004. 

The physical limitations and environment of my world are true to form, while I and the other desktop's inhabitants struggle with the questions which have plagued us all since the dawn of time...

"Why are we here? Is there a god? Why do some of us get shorter as we get older?"

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